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ERH411 Fieldwork: ERH-411

There are two sections of this course during 2020 spring semester.

Welcome to Course Guide ERH 411

You selected this course to gain experience in good citizenship by engaging in community-based service learning.  You are working on a teaching portfolio on expeditionary and project-based learning.

Assignment - Blog 5

Purpose:  Research conversations about Expeditionary Learning, in theory and in practice, will contribute to your understanding of how and where this educational model works in classroom learning contexts.

Composing a "review" of the literature will help you imagine an actual conversation with your partner classroom teacher, particularly the opportunities for applying these research cases in Rockbridge County Schools.

Prompt:  Imagine your partner teacher from a Rockbridge County classroom has asked for some teaching inspiration from recent scholarly research (last 15 years). She asks your team to search for two new sources (each is responsible for one). Search and contribute a theoretical or practical “case” source from a peer-reviewed, educational journal, and compose a 1 page review analyzing and recommending this article to your partner teacher.

Structure and Format:  (350-400 words)

  • You are providing a concise informational summary (citing textual evidence of author perspectives, claims, conclusions).
  • You are forming an educated, evaluative argument about the value of this research (critical analysis).
  • You are determining how best to share its relevance so your teaching audience can appreciate it!

Posting Instructions:

  • Post on Class Eportfolio (Links to an external site.) by Thursday, April 2, 9:00 AM EST. Tag in Learning Philosophies Category
  • Keep URL handy in your own files to include in your final teaching portfolio
  • Once we revise these reviews, we can forward them to the partner teachers for comment!


Maj. Stephanie Hodde

Maj. Stephanie Hodde

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