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HNL 380WX / ERH 321WX: HNL 380WX / ERH 321WX

British Literature in Cultural Context: Power & Politics in Shakespeare

William Shakespeare


Drama Online - Database Trial

Find out more about Shakespeare and his plays by searching the database, Drama OnlineDrama Online is on trial until February 18.

You have the opportunity to hear and watch new and classic theater productions.  The database also includes critical studies in full-text.  Shakespeare is definitely a focal point, but you’ll find other playwrights such as Chekhov, Ibsen, Wilde, Miller, O’Neill, Mamet and more (past and contemporary).



Students will explore what some of Shakespeare’s most interesting plays suggest about the nature of power: how both heroes and villains establish and use their authority, how they shape their own identities and destinies, and how they serve and/or undermine justice. You will also read other works that will contextualize your understanding of Shakespeare’s portrayal of power by deepening your appreciation of the culture of this period. 

Required Texts

The books listed below are required reading for HNL 380WX / ERH 321WX and you can ask for them at the circulation desk because they are on reserve for your class.  For a complete listing of course reserves select the above blue tab labeled "Course Reserves."

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