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IS 371-01 US Intelligence Successes and Failures: Home

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IS 307-01  US Intelligence Successes and Failures, Fall 2019 Research Guide

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From your faculty member: Long Essay Writing Prompt

Your task is to complete an essay at least eight full pages but no more than 10 full pages long (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, standard margins) in response to the writing prompt below. Make sure your essay is complete with a separate title page and end notes (not counted in page restrictions), includes at least eight sources (scholarly books/journal articles, reputable news items), and is consistent with Chicago Manual style guidance.


Turn in a paper copy of this essay to me during our class on Friday, November 22, 2019. 
Essay Prompt    Select one of the case studies we covered in detail in class and show how its policymaking/warfighting aspects—from initiation through execution—either helped correct for or exacerbated intelligence shortcomings or helped improve on or undercut the potential of intelligence achievements. Make sure that your analysis incorporates discussion and assessment of other instruments of state power that played important roles in this episode—or could have played important roles—and how these contributed to the success or failure of the policymaking/ warfighting effort under discussion.