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Resources for anyone working on, or learning about, ScholarShare, the open-access institutional repository at Preston Library, Virginia Military Institute.

What rights do I automatically have as an author once I submit an article to be published?

This depends entirely on the publisher agreement you sign.The agreement that is presented to you may be a standard agreement that transfers all rights to the publisher, including the right to make and distribute copies, create derivative works, and publicly perform or display the work.It is important to read and understand the agreement that you are signing.

It is also important to know that publisher agreements can be negotiated.Using the SPARC Author Addendum, it is possible to transfer “non-exclusive rights to publish and distribute” the work to the publisher while retaining the rights you expect to need (such as using and developing your own work without restriction and depositing it into an open access repository).

How do I get permission from a publisher to deposit articles I wrote into an institutional repository?

Although it is better to reserve your rights before publication, you can request permission for specific uses at any point.  Publishers usually list an email address for permissions on their websites.  In order to post an article on VMI’s ScholarShare, library staff will obtain permission on your behalf.  Please complete this form [provide URL to posted form].

How do I get a Creative Commons license? Which one do I want to use?

The Creative Commons website at has detailed information about every aspect of CC licenses, which allow individual creators to retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work.To use a Creative Commons license, you must first select the type of license you want, and then use the “License Chooser” to generate the appropriate html code to insert into your webpage or text-and-icon to copy into a print document.The following pages from the Creative Commons site provide detailed information about the process:

Additional Information about Negotiating Publisher Contracts