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ERH 215 - History of Art I: Finding books & articles

Finding books

By default, this will search "Libraries Worldwide." Look for green text to signify whether VMI owns an item, or if it's at a "Local Library." The local libraries are W&L, Marshall Library and Southern Virginia University and as Cadets, you are allowed to use these libraries.

Additionally, you may borrow materials from many other Virginia libraries. See the list of cooperating libraries here

If traveling to another library is not possible for you, another option is to use Interlibrary Loan. 

Online databases

Journals and magazines to browse or search

These are just four titles that we currently receive in print. More journals and magazines may be found through the databases above, or with a search in the Journal Locator.

Searching for your topic

  • Usually you will start a with a basic search, or using keywordsEverything will have at least one subject heading, and those are often more specific and helpful in finding what you need.
  • In an advanced search, you can search by Keyword, Author, Subject, and Title. You'll get different results based on how you search.
    • KW= Gauguin, Paul gives the broadest search, including this name anywhere.
    • SU= Gauguin, Paul will find anything with this among the subject headings
    • AU= Gauguin, Paul will find anything with van Gogh listed as an author, though he may not have written the book. 

Classifications, call numbers, and subject headings

Everything in the library has a call number, which is how you can find it in the library (example: NE400 .H79 1996)

Most materials on art have a call number starting with N, and these materials can be found on Preston Library 600 level.

  • N Visual Arts
  • NA Architecture
  • NB Sculpture
  • NC Drawing, Design, Illustrations
  • ND Painting
  • NE Print Media
  • NK Decorative Arts
  • NX Arts in General

​Below is a more detailed list of art classifications.

In an Advanced Search, you can search by "Subject heading," which can be more precise than a keyword search. Some subject headings to aid in your searches:

  • art, medieval
  • art, ancient
  • art, Aegean
  • art, African
  • art, early Christian
  • art, Byzantine
  • art, Etruscan

A select few books