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STP Library Guide

This guide is designed to help the STP student to navigate the library and discover its resources.

Find Books @ Preston Library

The library's home page provides immediate access to the library's catalog.  You can type any author, title and keyword in the search box.  You can find books, magazines, DVDs and more.  As an STP student, you may check out this material.

Use the Advanced Search feature for more complicated searching.  Here is the URL to Advanced Search

You will find the books, journals and DVDs arranged by the Library of Congress classification system.  If you cannot find a library item, then ask for help at the Circulation Desk. 

Reference Books

There is a collection of reference books that are used by students and researchers to find and confirm factual information.  Types of reference books are encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, handbooks, and more.  They do not circulate so they are readily available to you.  There are also reference books that are only accessible online.  You may find the titles below helpful: