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STP Library Guide

This guide is designed to help the STP student to navigate the library and discover its resources.

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the service of borrowing library materials not owned by Preston Library from other libraries.

Items that can be borrowed include books, journal articles, reports, dissertations, government documents, DVDs and materials in microform.

Before placing your ILL request, please make sure we do not own the book or have access to the journal article (paper or online).  If you are unsure about whether or not the library owns the book or journal, Ask A Librarian for help.

  • Search for books:

Preston Library Catalog

  • Search for journals:

Journal Locator

How To Use Interlibrary Loan

How to make a book request

When you need a book that Preston Library does not own, request it by completing an ILL request form.  Here is the URL:

Use your VMI username and password.  Select from the ILL menu the book request form, which can be used for CDs, DVDs, and other types of materials.

How to make an article request

When an article from a journal, magazine or newspaper is not accessible online or available in print at Preston Library, you can request an ILL.  To initiate an article request click on:

Again, you must use your VMI username and password.

Requesting from the databases

You may also request articles and books that you find while searching the library catalog or library databases. When you see the  Full Text Finder button,  click on the button so you can request the article via the ILL system. The ILL form usually is filled in automatically.  Review the bibliographic citation before submitting the request.  Sometimes the pagination is not complete so you need to type in the page numbers.

Ask A Librarian!

If you have any questions about the bibliographic citation, please see a Reference Librarian.