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Mechanical Engineering: Find Books

This guide is designed as a starting point for doing engineering research using Preston Library's resources.

Tips for Getting Started

Begin your research by:

  • finding an overview (book or article) on a new or complex topic
  • finding authoritative information
  • identifying keywords/subject headings to use in searching your topic
  • limiting or expanding your topic
  • locating a bibliography of sources to help you start your research.

Library of Congress Classification for Engineering

Browse the shelves by using these general call numbers:

T - Technology (General)

TA - Engineering - General, Civil

TC - Hydraulic Engineering

TD - Environmental Engineering

TE - Highway/Road Engineering

TF - Railroad Engineering

TG - Bridge Engineering

TH - Building Construction

TJ - Mechanical Engineering

TK - Electrical Engineering

TL - Motor Vehicles/ Aeronautics

TN - Mining Engineering/Metallurgy

Finding Books

Books are useful for background information and for getting an overview of your topic. While journal articles will have the latest research and developments, they are often focused on a very narrow aspect of a topic. So start your project by looking for books on your topic. Get an overview and learn about the terminology used to describe your topic. Once you have the "big picture" you can then use the engineering databases to find journal articles on your topic.

Preston Library Catalog

Find books about mechanical engineering by using Preston Library's catalog.

Here is the URL to the library catalog:

Tips for searching are:

  • Keyword
  • Subject Heading
  • Title
  • Limit by format, author, date, and more

You can also browse the mechanical engineering section on the 400 level; consult the list of Library of Congress Classification for Engineering.

Reference Books