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CE 110 CE Fundamentals II: Salary

Find information about life skills for during and after college.

How to find Salary Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information about earnings (or salaries), employment and unemployment, and other statistics about occupations.  Go to:  Search for the salary of a civil engineer.

Managing Money

The More You Learn, the More You Earn

Having more education lowers your risk of unemployment and leads to a bigger paycheck. What do you think your average salary will be when you achieve your educational goals? Be aware that you may need to use some of that salary to pay back your student loans.  Go to


Databases @ Preston Library

You may find current information about salaries in newspaper articles.  Use local and national newspapers.  At Preston Library there are several newspaper databases that you can access anywhere at VMI.  Once you have graduated you need to use your local public library, or subscribe personally to a newspaper of your choice.