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CE 110 CE Fundamentals II: Library Resources

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Many engineering firms will have a technical library.  Resources should include books, journals, technical reports or case studies, engineering standards, and more.  Format of these materials can be in print or online.  Library catalogs are online.  You are familiar with Preston Library's catalog.  You should be able to easily use other types of library catalogs.

Use the search box below to identify engineering literature from all types of libraries - worldwide.

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Tips for Searching

Whether you are searching a library catalog, or an engineering database, or Google, search by these tips:

  • Keyword
  • Subject Heading
  • Limit by format, author, date, and more

ASCE Journals

A journal is a publication issued periodically that reports original research. Manuscripts submitted by researchers are scrutinized by an editor and a referee before they are accepted for publication.  This is known as the peer review process. The articles are very detailed and include detailed experimental procedures.  It is aimed at a very specialized audience of researchers in the field.

Journal cover    Journal cover    Journal cover 

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishes many journals, which VMI owns in print and provides online access to current issues.  Here are a few titles:

You can find each ASCE journal in Preston Library's catalog by searching the title.  There will be access to the online journal.  Search a civil engineering topic in the databases: Engineering Village; Civil Engineering Database.  Get access to full-text articles in ASCE journals.

Engineering Standards

A standard is a document, established by consensus that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results. (As defined in ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004)

You can also search the ASCE official web site under the category of "Books & Standards" to find an engineering standard. 

Handbooks & Manuals