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Head of Research and Instruction Services

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LTC Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger




Your Task at Hand:

  1. What is the assignment? Research paper, approximately 5 pages.
  2. How many sources do you expect them to cite, roughly? Approximately 3 sources.
  3. What is the citation style? Chicago.
  4. When is it due? Throughout the semester, final version during the last week of classes.
  5. Are any source types required? Scholarly journal articles required. 
  6. What source types are preferred? For example:  a mix of scholarly articles and books. .Org or .Edu websites. I want a mix of .org, .edu, articles from Economist, WSJ, NYT or Washington Post and at least one scholarly article.
  7. Are any source types not allowed? Commercial websites, encyclopedias, etc. If they make a point, it must be triangulated: 3 sources must verify the fact.
  8. What to watch for? Fake news.