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LTC Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger




This course will explore the determinants of institutions: how they evolve, and how they affect economic development. Topics include: differences between common law and civil law systems; the significance of a country’s colonial origin; the effects of religious beliefs; and the importance of trust in political institutions. Other topics include: the transplantation of formal institutions vs. indigenous institutions; the effects of international aid on economic and institutional development; and the origins of corruption and why it is more prevalent in some cultures than in others. Note: Writing Intensive and Civilizations & Cultures Course. 2018 - 2019 VMI Catalog.

Your Research Proposal and Final Paper:

  1. What is the assignment?
    1. The assignment is a research paper (expected to be about 10 pages, 1.5 spaced). 
  2. How many sources do you expect them to cite, roughly?
    1. For the proposal, 3 sources. For the final paper, at least 6-9 sources.
  3. What is the citation style?
    1. APA
  4. When is it due?
    1. There are three stages. The proposal is due on October 1 (shortly after the library session). The final paper is due at the end of the semester.
  5. Are any source types required?
    1. Scholarly journal articles.
  6. What source types are preferred? 
    1. Yes, mix would be fine, information from edu and org cites is also OK.
  7. Are any source types not allowed? Commercial websites, encyclopedias, etc.
    1. Wikipedia is highly discouraged.