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Dear Cadets,

From MAJ. Gornick.

Psychobiographies are a specific form of biography in which we evaluate an individual's life/leadership through the lens of psychology theory and research. They involve an examination of the life history of an individual. Detailed, in-depth case studies of individual leaders, tracing their personal, social, and political development. We seek to identify consistent patterns of behavior across time.

The key to a psychobiography is that we are starting with leadership theories and then discussing how a particular individual demonstrates (or does not demonstrate) that theory. A psychobiography is an exercise in applying what leadership research is telling us.

In this course you will be analyzing a VMI alumni through the lens of leadership theories. This assignment will be given in stages that correspond to course content and your own Self-Portrait.

Stage 1: Get to know your alumni

Identify why this individual is important, why they are considered a leader and evaluate important events in their life.

  1. (Lemuel Shepherd, John Jumper, Ralph Northam, Randolph Pate, Verne Chaney Jr. Cabell Brand)

Stage 2: Leader characteristics

                Identify this individuals core strengths and personal characteristics.

Stage 3: Leadership style 

                Identify how this leader manages their followers

For more on For more on psychobiographies listen to the podcast in your Canvas site.