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BI 102: General Biology II: Home

This course guide is created for COL Bryant's Biology 102 course.

Maj. Ashley Carroll

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Maj. Ashley Carroll
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Biology 102

Welcome to BI 102's Research Guide for COL Bryant's course!

BI 102 is an introductory biology course aimed at non-majors. This semester, you need to find 3 scholarly journal articles pertaining to your experimental question/design. This guide will help you achieve that directive!

Use the tabs on the left-hand side to find:

  • Background sources such as, but not limited to, dictionaries and encyclopedias provide context for your topic or even help you choose one. 
  • Books that provide in-depth information on broad subject areas.
  • Articles that provide information on very specific, narrow topics. The Library purchases article databases so you may access articles for your topic – for free. 

Get started on your research right away using the databases below.

Does your source pass the CRAAP Test?