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BI-102-04 General Biology II - LTC Parson

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BI-102 is an introductory biology course, which continues BI-101.  The focus is the evolutionary principles including selection, phylogeny and homology, ecological principles including population and community dynamics, niche theory, structure and functioning of specific organ systems, and more. Laboratory topics will complement lectures and include use of scientific method activities.


LTC Parson wants you to find three scholarly articles about the experimentation of radishes treated by a saline solution. 

You must identify the search terms or keywords that define your research topic.  For example:

          radish or radishes

          experiment or experimentation

          saline solution

Ask yourself if there are other terms that you can use.  Does radish have a scientific name?

If you need help in finding articles, please contact Col. Janet Holly by clicking on the "Meet With Me" button on the left-side menu, or drop by the Service Desk on the 4th floor of Preston Library.  Ask for a Librarian!


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