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This course guide is maintained for COL Sen's course.

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Elizabeth (Liz.) Kocevar-Weidinger

Your Assignment

EC 307W Final Paper: Country Report 

This final assignment is a paper that will tie all the concepts of the class together. Choose a country from Africa then do the following:

Do I, II, or III

I.    You work for a non-profit global private venture capital fund (such as Acumen).  Write a report for the Board with your recommendations for providing microfinance loans to your country.

II.    Your work for a MNC (Multinational Corporation) based in the US.  The company is considering a new wave of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to the country you researched.  Write a recommendation for the Board.

III.    Your work for the World Bank Group.  The World Bank is considering providing aid to the country you researched.  Write a recommendation for the Bank. 

Your report should contain the following information:

  • An introduction to the country
    • Collect information on foreign trade and domestic economic indicators, the state of it’s current account balance, and trends in its exchange rates to give the reader a sense of the economic health of your country.  The data you collect must be over a long enough period to give you an accurate economic portrayal of the country.  The data you collect must allow you to discuss the following (included, but not limited to): 
    • Major trading partners, some measure of the importance of international trade to the country, summary of the trade and capital restrictions imposed by the country, name of currency, current exchange rate and recent trends in exchange rate, brief description of the country’s monetary system and exchange rate regime and significant political or cultural economic influences.
  • A brief description of the organization that you work for and its goals.
  •  Your recommendation. In other words, do you believe the Fund/MNC/World Bank group should provide loans/aid to this country? 
    • If yes, explain why. Also, recommend the sector(s) that your company should invest in (lend to).
    • If not, explain why not.  Explain what changes you would like to see in this sector, and/or, the country before you recommend microfinance/FDI/Aid.
    • Be sure to explain what risks you see in investing in this country and what rewards you expect.


A classmate who is currently taking this class BUT is not familiar with AIFS.

  1. Please include a bibliography in APA format. See Everyday Writer page for format.
  2.  Include a cover page that lists the title of the paper, your name, the word count and a signed help received statement 
  3. You will lose points for each of the instructions you fail to meet.

Authorized Help

  • Get help from the Writing Center
  • You may only get help from COL Sen and from the VMI Writing Center when it comes to writing the paper.
  • You may get help from a classmate to understand the calculations for the spreadsheet therein.
  • You may refer to class notes and slides that COL Sen have posted on Canvas for this class, your personal class notes, and any calculations you did in class.

5.    VMI work for grade policy and ECBU department work for grade policies apply.