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ERH101: Writing and Rhetoric I: MAJ Hodde

This guide is maintained for the Spring 2020 ERH101 courses at VMI.

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Assignment Details


Assignment Details:

Research a discourse community issue surrounding work, with a particular focus on trends, transformations in how we do, conceive, value, recognize, & talk about work.



Essay Assignments for Hodde 101 Fall 2020:
Essay 1What Do People Say About Their Work?: 3-4 page Rhetorical Analysis of Studs Terkel interview or NPR’s Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work (Isay) or other speech options
Essay 2: A Family History with Work: 3-4 page Interview-based Literacy Narrative 
Essay 3How is Work Valued, Learned, Practiced?: 5-6 page Research paper in Professional Discourse Community (model studies of discourse in different fields)
Possible subjects:
  • how work changed for medicine during COVID 
  • working from home, etc. 
  • trends in "energy" work, policing and public safety?
Essay 4: Future Trends in Work: 3 page Op Ed / Podcast Script (looking for NPR podcasts that are “work related”; (synthesis of rhetorical analysis, interview and research)


Use the databases below to get you started with your research.

Use the databases below to find news stories and magazine articles:

Use the databases below to find scholarly articles & trade publications on your topic:

Use the databases below to find visual discourse sources: