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ERH101: Writing and Rhetoric I: Ms. Hughes

This guide is maintained for the ERH101 courses at VMI.

Assignment Details

Essay 3: Rhetorical Analysis

For this essay, you will select some kind of “text” that is arguing something (it can be an article, speech, advertisement, campaign, etc.) and analyze it in-depth. You will make a claim about the argument’s strength and the reasons behind that, and delve into which of the rhetorical appeals and principles contribute to this, and how they do so. You will pick the argument apart, unpack all of its elements, and show the reader how it functions. 

Your essay MUST analyze the chosen argument’s use of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos (and/or its lack thereof). You should also consider the rhetorical situation or “ecology” – its author, purpose, audience, and context – as well as terms like “Kairos” and “Mythos.”

Option 1: Analyze one text/argument's effectiveness

Option 2: Analyze two sides of the same argument

Option 3: Analyze the same argument presented in different ways

Option 4: Choose your own adventure

Length: 1500-2100 words (6-8 pages, double-spaced)

Citation Style: MLA Style (include heading, title, and page numbers)

# of Sources: varies by option, review options for details

Due: Friday, November 19