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ERH101: Writing and Rhetoric I: Ms. Smith

This guide is maintained for the ERH101 courses at VMI.

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Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis & Evaluation of STEM information 

# of Sources: minimum of 5 - 3 traced articles (news or magazine articles) + 2 primary research articles (each written for different audiences)

Citation Style: MLA

Due: November 15

Length: 1500 words, minimum

Topics include: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) 

Research tips:

1) Find a news or magazine article from Smithsonian MagazineNature, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics or some other credible source of STEM-related information. Google News also has an entire sections dedicated to Science, Technology, and Health.

2) While reading the news or magazine article, look for sources of information mentioned in the article. What you are trying to identify is where the news article got its original information from, which often comes from primary sources, like scientific journal articles. These sources are usually mentioned by name (name of the journal article or researchers' names), and they are sometimes already hyperlinked for you. Credible news sources will always cite their sources, either throughout the article or at the end!

3) Try a search in Academic Search Complete like the one pictured below. Sort by "magazines" on the left side.


STEM News & Magazines:

Use the databases below to find articles for your topic: