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ERH102: Writing and Rhetoric II

This guide is maintained for the Spring 2021 ERH102 courses at VMI.

Assignment Details

Assignment Details*

*Information taken from your assignment sheet provided by Mr. Abry.

What: A Proposal Argument

# of Sources: 5-7 credible sources

Length: 1200-1500 words (5-7 pages)

Citation Style: MLA

Due: TBD

Prompt: Write a 1500-word public policy proposal on a topic of consequence: something of concern to your home community, the nation, or the world, a topic about which reasonable people disagree.

Although your topic may reflect your own interests or identify an issue about which you feel strongly, you must ensure that it makes a difference to your audience. It will, in part, determine the identity of your audience.

Using researched data and evidence to support your argument, your proposal should have the following features:

  • The identification of a problem (Persuade your audience that this is a genuine problem that needs solving; give it presence).
  • An explanation of the proposed solution.
  • A justification of your solution: reasons why your audience should accept your proposal and act on it.

Find a topic or issue to explore using this site:

Find news sources using the links below. News sources are good for providing current, up to date information on a topic.

Find scholarly sources using the database links below. Be sure to pay attention to when the article was written, who wrote it, and for whom it's written.