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ERH102: Writing and Rhetoric II

This guide is maintained for the Spring 2021 ERH102 courses at VMI.

Assignment Details

From Ms. Tammarine:


As for topics, you will have to identify a problem in your neighborhood, your city, your state, or Virginia Military Institute and work with it. Keep in mind that you should pick a subject that you might be able to change, and also one about which you can address an outside audience. Here are the basic categories from which you should brainstorm a topic:

  • An issue at Virginia Military Institute
  • An issue in Lexington
  • An issue in your own neighborhood, city, or suburb
  • An issue in Virginia (or your home state)

Here are some subjects that are not permitted: abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, affirmative action, cloning, gun control, medical marijuana, stem cells, the death penalty, drunk driving, the drinking age, seat belts, school uniforms, prayer in public schools, the conceal to carry law, smoking bans, bans on homosexual marriages, and the legalization of marijuana or other drugs.
I reserve the right to veto topics after receiving your prospectus.


Your essay should use a minimum of 3 different sources, either by quotation, paraphrase, or display of information. Two of these sources must come from a licensed library database; the third source may come from any book or website, as long as you evaluate it using the criteria discussed in class. No long, block quotations are permitted. You must utilize in-text citations and a Works Cited page in MLA format, as we’ve discussed and practiced in class. Utilize the handouts given in class (also in Canvas) and the Everyday Writer textbook to help you.



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