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ERH230: Artistic Responses to Social and Political Issues

Intro & Assignment Details

Cadets are presented with the opportunity to study of the ways in which artists, playwrights and authors in the fine arts, literature, and/or music have responded creatively to social and political issues. This course may focus on a single genre or issue, or it may take a broader view.

If you have questions regarding this guide or library materials, contact Col. Janet Holly and Maj. Ashley Carroll, Research and Instruction Librarians.

Assignment Details:
-Choose between Twilight: Los Angeles and The Laramie Project/Laramie Project 10 Years Later
-Consultations with librarians Col. Holly or Maj. Carroll
-Citation Style: MLA
-# of Sources: 5 (your play, 2 critical reviews, 1 scholarly article, & 1 timely "news" source)
-Format: Header + good title; help received; 12 pt font; Times New Roman; 1.5 spacing
-Assignment Due: TBD
Use the tabs on the left to find your critical reviews, scholarly articles, and news source!


You will find a copy of Anna Deavere Smith's Twilight: Los Angeles on reserve.  Ask for it at the Service Desk located on the 4th floor of Preston Library.  Search the databases, Films on Demand and Kanopy, for performances or adaptations of these plays.