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HI-377 Insurgency & Terrorism

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Course Description

An introduction to the modern history of armed struggle for revolutionary aims and the counterinsurgency campaigns that ensue. In addition to studying the major theorists of insurgency and counterinsurgency, the class will examine specific studies from the late eighteenth century through contemporary conflicts in the Middle East. Note: Methodologically intensive. Region: Europe or Asia/Africa/Latin America, but not both. - VMI Catalogue 2020-2021

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Fighting for justice, conceptual image. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 31 Aug 2017. Accessed 14 Sep 2020.
This conceptual image of a statue of 'Lady Justice' wearing a traditional Arab headscarf (shemagh or keffiyeh), representing concepts such as freedom fighters, insurgents and terrorists. Lady Justice holds aloft scales to balance claims, and a double-edged sword to mete out justice.