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HNS 375W Timmes

Your Research Assignments

Sample Topic and Summary of your research assignments:

Original idea: I saw a video of a turtle with a straw in it's nose, and it lead to the question of how to tackle the Great Pacific Ocean Patch. I read a news article about using booms to collect the patches and bringing the trash back to land. Is that the best solution?

  • Keywords to search:
    • pacific garbage patch or trash isles or plastic marine debris
      • environment or environmental or ecosystems
        • ocean or marine and engineering
          • boom or booms or refuse collection

Sample article:  Sigler, M. (2014). The effects of plastic pollution on aquatic wildlife: Current situations and future solutions. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 225(11), 1-9. doi:

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Short Paper Summary:

Write 3-4 pages (double spaced), with optional graphic (1/4 of page max).  Use at least 4 original sources. Use the citation methodology most commonly used in your discipline.

Short Paper #1 Due LSN 05).  Writing Prompt:  At the onset of the course, present your views and concerns on the issue of "Environmental Sustainability" or "Sustainable Development". Draw from the Taking Sides readings and make use of current news articles. Identify what you have strong belief/confidence in now and what topics you feel you need more data before holding a stronger position.

Short Paper #2 (due LSN 10, 25 Feb 21). Writing Prompt:  Present your views and concerns on an Ecology themed issue relevant to Module 2. Draw from the Taking Sides readings assigned in Module 2 and make use of current news articles. You are encouraged to use a "hometown issue" or one that you can summarize in 2-4 pages. Include socio-economic impacts, potential military readiness impacts, and identify where you would need to analyze more data before holding a stronger position.

Short Paper #3 Assigned (Due LSN 20, 1 Apr 21). Writing Prompt:  Present your views and concerns on an "Energy and Pollution" themed topic. Draw from the Taking Sides readings in Modules 3, 4, & 5 and make use of current news articles. Identify what you have strong belief/confidence in now and what aspects of the topics you feel you need more data before holding a stronger position.

Term Paper (from the Course Objectives) 

  • Define a research question/research hypothesis and communicate its significance to fellow students and instructor. This will include development of a research topic proposal and initial summary of the paper's objectives and scope.
  • Effective written communication explaining research context, results, and implications in a 10-12 page research paper due at the end of the semester.
  • Effective oral presentation skills with accompanying visual support that will include a poster presentation of the research findings and progress reports to fellow students and instructors during the semester.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply discipline-specific tools in an interdisciplinary context through assignments in order to:
    a.  Understand the causes, consequences and potential solutions to environmental problems presented in the class and assigned for short papers.
    b.  Take an evidence-based approach to answer your research question; and
  • Ability to demonstrate how your research question and conclusions relate to environmental policy and leadership through a variety of assignments, in-class discussions and outputs.