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IS 401W International Studies Capstone: IS 401W International Studies Capstone

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LTC Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger

Welcome to IS 401W International Studies Seminar

Research Requirements!

  • How long should your paper be?
    • Your final paper is to run between 18-20 pages
  • What citation style should you use?
    • You are required to use Chicago Style
  • How many outside resources should you use?
    • Remember, an old-school rule of thumb is that academic papers should have approximately 1.5 citations per page. That would be a minimum of 18-20 sources and a max of 36 - 40. However, your paper may merit a close examination of a few major tomes, and you may have 5-10 sources, cited repeatedly.
  • What types of sources should you use?
    • Scholarly journal articles, reputable news sources, data to justify your argument
  • When is your paper due?
    • Your paper is due the last day of class