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PS202: Intro to Research Methods: Welcome

This course guide is for MAJ Stuart's Psychology 202 course.

Maj. Ashley Carroll

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Maj. Ashley Carroll
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Assignment Details

This course guide has been designed to assist you in finding resources for your research in Psychology 202 with MAJ Stuart.

Assignment: Write an APA style research proposal on a preapproved psychological topic.  A research proposal is a proposal of research that you, the author, plan to do; however, in this case, you will not actually be carrying out the proposed study (at least in this class).  Your research question should address a gap in the literature, extend existing research, or explore something further.  In other words, I would like you to propose a study that would add to the literature on your topic (i.e., something that hasn’t been done before).  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but I’m looking for more than a replication of an existing study.  Keep in mind that when proposing your study, you will need to convince the reader that the study is worth doing. In other words, why would it be worthwhile to conduct this study? 

Due Date: 
# of Sources: at least 5 empirical sources
Citation Style: APA

Use the databases below to get started on your research!

Library Catalog

Use the search box below to search the Library Catalog for books (print & ebook) and articles pertaining to your research.