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SP450: Spanish Capstone

This guide is created for MLC Capstone for Spanish with Dr. Laroussi..

SP450 Assignment Details

Assignment: Final Research Paper

Length: 10-15 pages

Due: TBA

# of Sources: at least 5 (Spanish & English) 

Citation Style: MLA

Patricia Waugh in her most celebrated book, Metafiction: The Theory and Practice of Self-Conscious Fiction (1984), describes metafiction as “an extreme self-consciousness about language, literary form and the act of writing fictions; a pervasive insecurity about the relationship of fiction to reality; a parodic, playful, excessive or deceptively naïve style of writing.” Self-reflection has always been a part of Hispanic artistic production and has been the study of many articles and book chapters. This course offers a new look at Hispanic metafiction, not just in literature, but also in the visual arts, by examining new trends and providing new perspectives; it focuses on the complex relationship between fiction and reality; between the world of the writer and the reader.

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