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LTC Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger

Your Assignment

 Below you will see 3 different bioethical scenarios. You should find at least 1 source that is relevant to each scenario and create an annotated bibliography( using CSE citation style) that includes information about the relevance and quality of the source. Annotations act as a summary of the source and are a way to remember points that you want to bring to the discussion.

  • Scenario A: “A 7-year-old who lost most of his skin to a rare genetic disease has made a dramatic recovery after receiving an experimental gene therapy, researchers announced today. The treatment—a whole-body graft of genetically modified stem cells—is the most ambitious attempt yet to treat a severe form of epidermolysis bullosa (EB), an often-fatal group of conditions that cause skin to blister and tear off at the slightest touch.”
  • Scenario B: Imagine that you have a sick child who needs a bone marrow or organ transplant. You have the opportunity to genetically test embryos to try to ensure that your second child would be a perfect donor match. Would you undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) and test the embryos so that you could select only those that would produce a second child who could help save your older child’s life?
  • Scenario C: Imagine that in the future, preimplantation genetic diagnosis has advanced so that you can test traits such as intelligence and physical ability in addition to diseases. Would you want to select embryos based on genetic test results?

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