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VMI Canvas Options for Distance Learning

Overall Canvas Course Checklist (From Canvas)

This checklist will help you create a Canvas course with all of your files, assignments, your syllabus and a gradebook. Click underlined text links to read detailed instructions.

Content to Create:



File Imports and Organization

Get all files/content into Canvas where it can then be managed

  Import individual files (or a .zip file)


  Create/arrange folders


  Arrange files in folders


Course Customization 

Create a clean and intuitive course; Add apps to facilitate course design

  Customize course home page


  Customize course navigation


  Adjust course settings


    Publish applicable content 



You may just create placeholders for these to create columns in the gradebook

  Add assignments & details


  Add discussions & details


  Add quiz settings & questions





Display course expectations and institutional policies

  Learn more about the Canvas syllabus


  Add syllabus content



It’s automagically populated with all Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes! 

  Mute assignments if desired


  Arrange/sort gradebook as desired