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VMI Canvas Options for Distance Learning

How to embed your recorded lectures in Canvas

From: Humboldt State University


#1. Locate your YouTube video and click the Share button

Whether you're using your own video or someone else's, navigate to that video on YouTube and locate the 'Share' button.

Get the embedded video code

In the share menu, click on the "Embed' button on the bottom.

From within the content page, click on the 'Edit' button in the top right.

In the bottom right corner, click the '</> html editor' button to switch modes.


In the text area, paste the the YouTube embed code you copied earlier.

    - For Windows users: right-click in the text area and select paste or use keyboard shortcut <ctrl>+v

    - For Mac users: right-click (<ctrl>-click) the text area and select paste or use keyboard shortcut <cmd>+v

If you'd like, you can edit the width and height fields in the HTML code to change the size of the video in the content page.

Save your changes. Click on the </> html editor to go back to regular editing on the page.