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CE 321W - Environmental Engineering

CE 321 - Environmental Engineering Writing Assignment #2 and beyond!

Informed Essay.

As you learn more of the

engineering and science behind various treatment technologies to produce safe drinking water and to clean contaminated groundwater,

you should revisit your graded Paper #1.

  • Now conduct library research to better support your opinions and answer the questions you posed. Further develop the connections between the role of an environmental engineer and “Environmental Sustainability” or “Sustainable Development”.
  • What specific issues in the environment (water, wastewater, soil, air quality, etc.) present the greatest challenges for environmental engineers? Support your view with peer-reviewed research.
  • What general environmental engineering research area you find most interesting?

  • Aim for 750-1000 words (3-4 pages, double spaced). Two photos, tables, or graphics that takes up no more than ¼ of a page each is allowed and encouraged. Use at least 8 peer-reviewed journal references in your paper and properly cite them.
  • Cite references using the ASCE citation format:  refer to page 36 in the link above document for proper citation examples.
  • “ASCE uses the author-date method for in-text references, whereby the citation reads as the last names of the authors, then the year (e.g., Smith 2004, or Smith and Jones 2004). A References page must be included that lists all references alphabetically by last name of the first author. All references included in the References section must be cited in the text (ASCE 2021)”.
  • A great place to research (search for information) are the Preston Library databases found at: The research librarians should be consulted for assistance.
  • Many of these databases offer full-text (pdf documents). Select these to get the whole article.
  • Obtain an article or book through Preston Library's  interlibrary loan service once you have the basic info about the document. They will track it down and deliver it to you at no cost to you.
  • Make use of the ASCE journal website for formatting examples and relevant research.
  • Seek assistance from the Writing Center: