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VMI Resources

Strategies for Finding Digitized Archival Collections

Search Google

  • Enter keywords for your topic, event, or person
  • Add search terms such as "archives," "digital," or "digitized"
  • Also try search terms related to the type of primary source you would like to find, such as "oral history,"  "transcript," "speech," etc.
  • Be sure to evaluate the sites you find, particularly who created the site in order to determine biases and what information might be included/excluded.
  • Limit by domain names: .gov, .edu, .org to broadly limit by owner/publisher. Caveat.... Wikipedia is a .org!

Primary Book Sources

To find books that are primary sources, use the name of the person you are researching and add terms such as: 

  • personal narratives
  • diaries
  • correspondence
  • interviews
  • sources
  • description and travel
  • biography (includes autobiography and biography)
  • pictorial works