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China History or China Foreign Relations or China Politics and Government


-- U.S. China Relations E183.8.C5
--Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901 DS770-772
--20th century DS774
--Xuantong, 1908-1912 DS773-773.23
--Revolution, 1911-1912 DS773.32-773.6
1912 -1918 DS776.4
--Republic, 1912-1949 * DS773.83-777.544
--Revolution, 1913 * DS777.2
--Revolution, 1915-1916 DS777.25
--Warlord period, 1916-1928 DS777.36
--Qing Dynasty Restoration Attempt, 1917 DS777.38
--Movement to Protect the Constitution, 1917-1923 DS777.4
--May Fourth movement, 1919 DS777.43
--May Thirtieth movement, 1925 DS777.45
--Northern Expedition, 1926-1928 * DS777.46
--Jinan Incident, 1928? DS777.462
1928-1937 DS777.47
--Long March, 1934-1935 DS777.5132-777.5139
--December Ninth Movement, 1935 DS775; DS777.51393
--Sian Incident, 1936 DS777.514
1937-1945 *DS777.518-777.534
--Southern Anhui Incident, 1941 DS777.534
--Civil War, 1945-1949 * DS777.537-777.5