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Civil Engineering: Find Books

A guide to the civil engineering resources available through Preston Library.

Finding Books

Books are useful for background information and for getting an overview of your topic. While journal articles will have the latest research and developments, they are often focused on a very narrow aspect of a topic. So start your project by looking for books on your topic. Get an overview and learn about the terminology used to describe your topic. Once you have the "big picture" you can then use the engineering databases to find journal articles on your topic.

VMI Online Library Catalog

Find books about civil engineering by using Preston Library's catalog.  The search box is below:

Tips for searching are:

  • Keyword
  • Subject Heading
  • Limit by format, author, date, and more

You can also browse the civil engineering section on the 400 level [TA], but there are other aspects of civil engineering located on the 600 level [GB-KF].  Library of Congress call numbers with subject headings are as follows:

Call number range LC Subject Heading
GB 1001 - GB 1005 Groundwater Hydrology
HD 9715 - HD 9718 Construction Management
HE 370 - HE 380 Traffic Engineering
HV 675 Prevention of Accidents
KF 390 .E54 Engineering Law
KF 902 Contracts. Construction Industry
KF 3812 Air Pollution - Laws and Legislation
KF 3948 Laws - Atomic Power Radiation
KF 3950 Laws - Atomic Waste Disposal
QC 795.3 Radioactive Substances. Special Aspects
QD 561 Ions and Ionization
QE 602 - QE 606 Structural Geology
RA 565 - RA 598 Sanitation and Sanitary Control
RA 1231 .R2 Radioactive Substances - Toxicology
S 591 - S593 Soils Classification - Analysis
T 57.6 - T 57.95 Operations Research - Systems Analysis
TA Civil Engineering
TC 7 - TC 1645 Hydraulic Engineering
TE 7 - TE 450 Highway Engineering - Roads and Pavements
TF Railroad Engineering and Operation
TH 425 - TH 435 Building - Contracts and Specifications
TH 1094 - TH 1095 Earth Movements and Buildings
TL 725 - TL 758 Transportation

CE Reference Books

eReference Resources