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History: Recommended Electronic Archival Resources

Sources for your research in history

Archive Resources

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg: Historical Papers Research Archive

Wilson Center Digital Archive and National Security Archive:

CIA Reading Room

African Archivist Archive

University of Massachusetts Amherst- Digital Collection (obviously not apartheid but still...)

Go to VMI Library website, then database, letter N—Historical Newspapers: The New York Times:

            The NYT reports on Transition Violence (keyword “South Africa violence”, timeline 1980-1994)
            The NYT reports on South Africa’s invasion of Angola (keyword “South Africa Angola”, 1973-1990)
            The NYT reports on South Africa’s control of Namibia (keyword “South Africa Namibia”, 1970-1990)

South Africa, Ministry of Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Transcripts