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Applied Mathematics

This guide is designed as a starting point for research in applied mathematics using Preston Library's resources.


VMI has acquired a site license for Mathematica,  It is a high powered computer program for technical computing capable of handling a broad range of mathematical problems. With it, one can (among many other things)

  • Solve algebraic equations,
  • Perform a broad range of calculus operations, including computing derivatives and integrals,
  • Solve differential equations,
  • Perform a wide array of statistical tests, and
  • Graph 2D and 3D functions.

The link takes one to the VMI Portal, which contains instructions for downloading/installing Mathematica on your machine.

The installation process requires getting a Wolfram ID. With it, you can access Wolfram|Alpha Pro, providing step-by-step solutions, practice problem generators, and the ability to quickly build web-apps that use real-world, up to the minute data. (Cadets: check first with instructors about using this for classwork.)

If you have any questions about Mathematica, or the installation process, please contact COL Greg Hartman, Professor of Applied Mathematics.