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ERH102 Writing and Rhetoric - Ms. Dupal: Ms. Dupal

This guide is designed as a starting point for conducting research using Preston Library's resources.

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Introduction to ERH 102 - Ms. Dupal

ERH 102 engages cadets in reading, thinking, and writing about contemporary civic issues from a rhetorical perspective. Cadets learn to write persuasive essays for public audiences in which they ethically incorporate research from appropriate secondary sources, as well as to critically reflect on their writing processes.

This guide is designed to help you start your research in Preston Library.  Use the top navigation to explore different library resources.

If you have any questions, contact Col. Janet Holly, Research and Instruction Librarian.


Essay 2 Assignment: Writing a Delayed Thesis Argument on Millennials

For your second essay, you are to write a delayed thesis argument on an issue connected with Millennials.  As a class, we have discussed the selections in “Millennials Entering Adulthood” in Writing Arguments (477-497).  For your assignment, you will select an issue that affect Millennials and write a delayed thesis argument essay.

As Ramage and Bean note, a delayed-thesis argument "…promotes dialogue with the audience rather than compels readers to accept the writer’s views.  It strives to enrich and complicate the discussion as well as present a view of an issue….it may lead the writer and readers to a deeper understanding of the issue, provide clarification, and promote further discussion."  (135, bolding added to quotation). (Recall Mead’s Learning by Degrees essay style.)

The purpose of this writing task is to practice your research skills by focusing on a topic related to the generation you live in that has an impact on social perceptions of your peers.You will need to consider what kinds of questions you have on the topic; what sources/individuals can provide the information you’re seeking; and how best to build an argument which is meant to engage with “a small group of reasonable people seeking the best solution to a problem” (3).

Once you have chosen the issue from the list below, you will need to consider what person(s) or entity/entities should be the target audience for your essay.

You will decide on the specific audience for this assignment.  Think carefully about who has the power to make decisions about this issue, can provide you with more information, might already be involved in working to implement solutions connected with your argument, etc.  You will need to answer, “Questions for Analyzing Your Audience” in Writing Arguments (116-117).   

  • Parental Involvement in Millennials’ College Education
  • Challenges Facing Millennials in the Workplace
  • Babyboomers’ Misconceptions of This Generation
  • Influence of Technology on Millennials’ Interpersonal Relationships
  • Millennials’ Learning Styles Compared to Previous Generations’


Assignment Details

The overall theme is the Millennials including Generation Z.  Cadets will explore one aspect of the general theme, offering a variety of perspectives before presenting their delayed thesis.

Length:  5-6 pages, typed/ double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New

# of Sources:  5 sources - 1 of which must come from “Millenials Entering Adulthood” in Writing Arguments

Citation Style:  MLA

Due Date:  March 12, 2020