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Economics and Business: Course Guide: BU306X Dr. Kellog

Head of Research and Instruction Services

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From Dr. Kellogg:

Project: Globalization Impact (8%).  You will prepare a short analysis of the impact of globalization on a country.  You should include specific attention to some of the main forces associated with globalization (technology, trade and integration, off-shoring and outsourcing, migration, transportation, environmental pollution) and the impact of these forces on different stakeholders (such as domestic companies, workers, farmers, indigenous cultures, and different demographic groups) within that country.  You should draw implications of the issues and their impact on international management practice.

This analysis should be in the form of a

  1. 5-7 page paper,
  2. using APA format, double-spaced paper
  3. with references both from The International Management (TIM) text and especially 3-4 credible outside sources

From LTC K-W.

  • Use the Meet with Me button on the left to schedule a research appointment with me for finding and citing sources!

LTC K-W Research Advice

Dear Cadets,

  1. First, research your country - See the CIA World FactBook and Global Edge