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CIS 231WX - IT:Past, Present, and Future

Esssay Guidance/Thoughts

 Questions to ask about your Essays:

  1. What is the research question?
    1. ?Consider the role of information technologies in solving four existential problem sets.  An existential problem set is one that is essential to human evolution—our survival or demise.   Here they are:
      1. First, our existence within the physical universe we call the cosmos 
      2. Second, our existence as a species, in possession of a genetic code that shapes our biological fate
      3. Third, our existence as symbolic thinkers, capable of inventing virtual objects, like societies, and using artificial thinking machines that may one day have the potential to interact —consciously—with humans  
      4. Fourth, our existence as members of societies, which interact as part of a world-wide web of societies, many of which have the weaponry, and capacity, for broad destruction 
      5. Common to all four problem sets is the central role played by Information Technologies.  (Remember, Information is the basis for all meaningful interactions—good and bad).  
  2. How long does it have to be?
    1. 5 pages, not including the cover and reference pages
  3. How many outside sources must I use?
    1. 1.5 citations per page, minimum of 8 overall.
  4. Are there any sources that I'm required to use:
    1. Scholarly Journal Articles? Scholarly Books? .Edu, .Org, .Gov websites?
  5. Are there any sources that I am not allowed to use:
    1. Wikipedia, etc.?
  6. Is there a required citation style?
    1. APA