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ERH203: Ways of Reading

This course research guide is created for MAJ Hodde's ERH203 class taught in the Fall of 2019.


This library guide contains resources in support of ERH 203: Ways of Reading, taught by MAJ Hodde in the Fall of 2020. Cadets will have the opportunity to give close attention to literary form in narrative, poetry and drama. Cadets will analyze tone and irony, the use of figurative language and rhetorical figures.  Assignments will focus on relationships between writers, texts, and readers. 

Use the databases below to get started on your research right away. 



Authors explored in this course:

Alice Walker, Flannery O'Connor, James Baldwin, & Raymond Carver

Assignment Details:

Essay 1: Analysis of Character
Due: October 15
# of Sources:  You may draw on any class craft discussions, glossary and casebook readings from anthology. You must also integrate one outside scholarly article to show how that author crafts character to illuminate critical response that you find compelling for issues of contemporary life.

Length: 4-5 pages (1300 word minimum)
Citation Style: MLA


Helpful databases for your research:

Links to ebook versions of one of your course texts: