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Your Assignment!

From Major  Elizondo Schroepfer: 

Assignment Guidelines: 

Research Paper (20%)
In class we will explore a variety of issues including but not limited to: the power of indigenous groups, colonization, slavery, the founding of colonial societies, religion, colonial economies. For this essay, you will pick one primary source from the Mills text as a starting point, and will conduct secondary research to contextualize it. Your research must be scholarly, meaning you will have to visit the library, and include at least 3 secondary sources.

This assignment will consist of four parts:

  1. Paragraph-length proposal (10%)
    1. On February 13th you will turn in a paragraph proposing your topic and the primary source you will be using. In order to receive credit for this portion of the project, you must meet one-on-one with LTC Kocevar-Weidinger (Links to an external site.), the liaison librarian for History. During your visit, she can help you strategize about your topic and guide you in finding sources. This proposal must include a preliminary list of sources you plan on utilizing. If you do not meet with LTC Kocevar-Weidinger (or another librarian), you will not receive credit for this portion of the project.
  2. Detailed Outline (15%)
    1. On April 16th you will submit an outline detailing the plan for your final paper.
  3. Paper (65%)
  4. On May 3rd you will submit your final paper on Canvas. It must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. Must include a mix of scholarly sources
    2. 2,000 words minimum
    3. Footnoted citations in Chicago Style
    4. Top right of first page: word count and Help Received statement

Research Advice from LTC K-W

Keywords or ideas to consider:

social life or customs or traditions or families
economic conditions or economics or commerce or business or industry or manners
government or politics
material culture 
rites and ceremonies or religion
sexual behavior 
social conditions 
war or conflict or hostilities

Meet with me for research and/or citation assistance. Use the Meet with Me button on the left-hand side of this page.

Books: Use the Find Books tab on the left-hand side of this page.

  • Expand your search to the Libraries Worldwide option at the top-left side of your results. You may not find all of the books you need at VMI
  • Borrow the books you need from other libraries, but remember they take a week or so to get here!!!!
  • How current do your books need to be? Use the Publication Year option at the bottom-left side of your results.

Articles: Go to the Find Articles tab on the left-hand side of this page.

  • Combine databases:
    • Select Historical Abstracts
    • Click on Choose Databases right above the search box.
    • Choose American History & Life, Academic Search Complete, etc. to search multiple databases.
  • Borrow the articles you need from other libraries, they take about 24 hours to get here via email.
    • You'll know if we don't own it if there is no PDF full-text icon. 
    • Click on the full-text finder icon, and follow the link to interlibrary-loan.
  • How current do your articles need to be? Use the Publication Year option on the left side of your results.