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HI-460W-02 Capstone Experience: Home

Head of Research and Instruction Services

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LTC Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger

Your Assignment!



From Col. Elena Andreeva:

Capstone Requirements: Research Question: Arab-Israeli war  

  1. How long should the paper be?  Around 5,000 words
  2. How many sources be used?  10 at least, including 5 books and 3 primary sources.  They can substitute books with articles, with my approval. 
  3. What is the citation style? Chicago.
  4. When is it due? At the end of the semester.
  5. What sources are required? Primary sources.  
  6. What source types are preferred? For example:  a mix of scholarly articles and books. .Org or .Edu websites.  Possibly other trustworthy sites, have to look on the individual bases.
  7. Are any source types not allowed? Wiki and basically any dicey site which is not org. or edu. 

LTC K-W Research Advice

Dear Cadets

Meet with me for research and/or citation assistance. Use the Meet with Me button on the left-hand side of this page.
Search terms!!!! Critical!!!!!

israeli or state of israel or yisrael or zion or sion or jewish or israelite or israeli controlled or arab israeli or israelites or israeli imposed or israeli occupied or arab-israeli or israeli-palestinian

Israel or Israeli
palestine or palestinian 

Books: Use the Find Books tab on the left-hand side of this page.

  1. Expand your search to the Libraries Worldwide option at the top-left side of your results. You may not find all of the books you need at VMI.
  2. Borrow the books you need from other libraries, but remember they take a week or so to get here!!!!
  3. How current do your books need to be? Use the Publication Year option at the bottom-left side of your results.


  1. Combine databases
    1. Go to the Find Articles tab on the left-hand side of this page.
      1. Select Historical Abstracts
      2. Click on Choose Databases right above the search box.
      3. Choose American History & Life, Political Search Complete and Academic Search Complete, etc. to search multiple databases.
  2. Borrow the articles you need from other libraries, they take about 24 hours to get here via email.
    1. You'll know if we don't own it if there is no PDF full-text icon. 
    2. Click on the full-text finder icon, and follow the link to interlibrary-loan.
  3. How current do your articles need to be? Use the Publication Year option on the left side of your results.