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HI-374W-01 Captain Turner


From Captain Turner,

The final report consists of a topical summary (3–5 pages, double spaced) and a series of at least 20 annotations (10-15 pages, single spaced).

  • The first draft will be on paper as will be subsequent drafts (although smaller revisions may be submitted electronically)
  • The final copy will be submitted both in hard copy and electronically.

The topical summary discusses:

  • What happened—what is your topic all about? You need a good historical summary here, not just a general discussion
  • What it has to do with Modern Latin America?
  • why it is historically significant?
  • What questions it poses. This should be a specific outcome of your inquiry. You should be able to list questions here that the sources suggest need to be dealt with and to refer to specific sources in the bibliography. And, you want to discuss how you’d narrow down the focus of your study so far to a feasible research project.

Each annotation consists of:

  • the full citation: see the History Department web site for formats
  • a paragraph describing the contents: not a vague description of what the book or article is about but rather what the author actually says

Annotations are numbered and listed in alphabetical order by author within categories of

  • books
  • journal articles
  • dissertationsHow many sources?  5-7 books; 13-15 articles; 1 dissertation.

Research Advice from LTC K-W

Meet with me for research and/or citation assistance. Use the Meet with Me button on the left-hand side of this page.

Books: Use the Find Books tab on the left-hand side of this page.

  1. Expand your search to the Libraries Worldwide option at the top-left side of your results. You may not find all of the books you need at VMI
  2. Borrow the books you need from other libraries, but remember they take a week or so to get here!!!!
  3. How current do your books need to be? Use the Publication Year option at the bottom-left side of your results.


  1. Go to the Find Articles tab on the left-hand side of this page.
  2. On the Articles page, scroll down to Dissertations & Theses database. Most will be available full text.


  1. Combine databases
    1. Go to the Find Articles tab on the left-hand side of this page.
    2. Select Historical Abstracts
      1. Click on Choose Databases right above the search box.
      2. Choose American History & Life, Academic Search Complete, etc. to search multiple databases.
      3. Borrow the articles you need from other libraries, they take about 24 hours to get here via email.
        1. You'll know if we don't own it if there is no PDF full-text icon. 
        2. Click on the full-text finder icon, and follow the link to interlibrary-loan.
      4. How current do your articles need to be? Use the Publication Year option on the left side of your results.

Country Background Information: