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Chemistry: Citation Guides

This research guide will help you find information related to chemistry.

Writing Guides

ACS Advice for Career Pathways and Resumes

On the ACS website you will find helpful advice for your career in chemistry.  Here is the URL concerning composing a resume:

VMI Writing Center

Hours and Location

215 Carroll Hall

The Writing Center will operate during the following hours:

     Monday 0800-1100, 1200-1600, and 1930-2230

     Tuesday 0800-1600, and 1930-2230

     Wednesday 0800-1100, 1200-1600, and 1930-2230

     Thursday 0800-1600, and 1930-2230

     Friday 0800-1100

     Sunday 1500-2200

Cadets "must register with our appointment system" at