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ERH 312: Professional Writing in a Non-Profit

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Your Task

Non-Profit Grant Proposal


To argue for the value of your non-profit programs, you should triangulate your proposal research with news, human interest stories, statistics and expert perspectives.

  • Some examples of non-profit causes:
    • homelessness and housing/work programs in New York City
    • promoting leadership through boys' and girls' clubs in Chicago
    • improving the achievement gap for VA middle schoolers
    • supporting adolescent motivation and dropout rates
    • underinvestment in cancer research
    • Christian camps as a stopgap for adolescent depression
    • human trafficking trends in VA
    • need for intercultural exchange in high school.
  • When is it due? 
    • November 16, 2023. TAPS
  • How Long?
    • 6 body pages or 1500 words min, not including cover letter.
  • How many and what kind of outside resources/evidence?
    • 5 sources as evidence for your cause/ need (MLA Format)
    • 2 must be NEW since turning in problem research).

Best Bet Databases