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SP 470 Course Guide - Dr. Laroussi


SP470: Narrative of Post-Civil War Spain

By Dr. Laroussi: This course explores works by post-Spanish Civil War writers. Students will read excerpts of novels and short stories that are written in different styles, ranging from social realism and naturalism to post-modernism and extreme experimentalism. The readings explore an array of themes such as the conflict between the individual and society, the struggle against social norms and sexual morality, the deployment of fiction as a means of shaping both personal and national identity, and the alienating effects of modern society. Special attention will be paid to metafiction, collective memory, and the Law of Historical Memory.

Some of the major Spanish authors we will read include:

  • Camilo José Cela
  • Carmen Martín Gaite
  •  Ana María Matute
  • Antonio Muñoz Molina
  • Manuel Rivas
  • Fernando Arambúru
  • Javier Cerca