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History: HI 200-01 Col. Johnson

Sources for your research in history

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Your Assignment


Virginia Military Institute | HI-200—Intro to Historical Methods | COL M. Houston Johnson V | Cumulative “Essay” Assignment

You are required to include the following in your bibliography at minimum:

  • 5 modern scholarly monographs (books)
  • 5 modern scholarly journal articles
  • 5 published primary sources (either online or in print)
  • 1 relevant archival collection (non-published collection in a repository—i.e. NARA, Presidential Library, Marshall Library, etc.)
  •  1 unpublished primary source (a letter, map, diary entry, etc. that is NOT in a book, journal or any other published work; this can come from a scholarly website or collection in the VMI or Marshall archives)

Keyword Brainstorming

Advice: You're always guessing what terms the author used. Classic examples: woman or females? men or males? 

So take the research question: “How did Charles Lindbergh’s successful transatlantic flight affect commercial aviation in the United States?”

Break it down:

  • Broadest Topic: Commercial Aviation: biplanes or aeronautical or aeronautics or aviation or airline industry or air transport or aviation industry or airlines or air transportation or air travel or commercial aviation or air freight cargo airlines or scheduled passenger air transportation or passenger air transportation
    • More narrow: United States: united states or america or usa or u.s or united states of america
      • More narrow: Charles Lindbergh: just lindbergh or charles lindbergh or colonel lindbergh or col. lindberg
        • more narrow: Transatlantic flight: transatlantic flight or flights