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EC435XW: Institutions and Economic Development: Find Articles

Why use magazine, newspaper or scholarly journal articles?

Articles provide information on very specific, narrow topics. The Library purchases article databases so you may access articles for your topic – for free. Researchers use them when they need:

  • Magazines and Newspapers: Brief coverage of contemporary events written to all levels of readers.
  • Peer Reviewed/Scholarly Journals: Reports of research or scholarship on specific topics written by scholars to other scholars


Recommended Journals

These links go to different databases.  It is not uncommon to find an embargo with journals, which means that more recent issues are not available online. In this case, you may use the "Find It" button and request an interlibrary loan.

Journal Locator

Use this tool when you have a citation or journal title and need to find out if you can access it online or through a print subscription at VMI.