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Mechanical Engineering

This guide is designed as a starting point for doing engineering research using Preston Library's resources.

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Introduction to Mechancial Engineering Research

Explore Preston's Library's resources in mechanical engineering and learn to use them effectively in your scholarly work.

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From VMI: Mechanical Engineering is a broad curriculum which offers a wide choice of careers. Mechanical Engineers deal with the production, control and utilization of energy and motion in systems to benefit society.

Career paths include aerospace, power, HVAC, bioengineering, manufacturing, management, and a host of others.

A unique feature of the mechanical engineering curriculum is the capstone design course through VMI's Cooperative Engineering Center. Cadet teams work on real-world design projects supplied by local industries who are members of the Cooperative Engineering Center with an industry engineer and faculty member as advisors. Cadets write a formal design report and give an oral report to supporting industry.