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VMI Faculty Opportunities via Preston Library

Preston Library has been informed of the following opportunities from VIVA, Virginia's Academic Library Consortium, and related organizations. Please ask us questions about any of the following opportunities.

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SCHEV Spotlight session: Conversation About Critical Thinking

Registration is open for SCHEV's first Spotlight session of 2023. Join us on Thursday, February 16, at 3:00 p.m. for a live Zoom conversation about critical thinking with representatives from Reynolds Community College, Richard Bland College, and UVA's College at Wise. 

Each institution is preparing a brief video explaining their approach to teaching and assessing critical thinking. The videos will be added to SCHEV's Student Learning Assessment webpage at least a week in advance. The Zoom session will assume everyone has watched the videos so that we can have a deeper discussion about successes, challenges, and lessons learned. All attendees are encouraged to come with questions, comments, and insights to make the discussion a rich learning experience for everyone. The Zoom conversation will not be recorded.

Please share this information with other faculty and staff who may be interested. All are welcome!

Registration link:

International Water Association Read and Publish Agreement

VIVA has started a three-year read and publish agreement with the International Water Association (IWA) that will allow corresponding authors at all VIVA institutions to publish open access articles in IWA journals and expand reading access for this content as well.  Corresponding authors at VIVA institutions will be able to publish journal articles open access at no cost from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025 in the following journals:

Subscribe to Open Titles

  • Aqua (0003-7214; 1605-3974)
  • Journal of Hydroinformatics (1464-7141; 1465-1734)
  • Journal of Water and Climate Change (2040-2244; 2408-9354)
  • Journal of Water and Health (1477-8920; 1996-7829)
  • Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development (2043-9083; 2408-9362)
  • Water Policy (1366-7017; 1996-9759)
  • Water Practice & Technology (1751-231X; 1751-231X)
  • Water Quality Research Journal (1201-3080; 2408-9443)
  • Water Science & Technology (0273-1223; 1996-9732)
  • Water Supply (1606-9749; 1607-0798)
  • Gold Open Access Titles
  • Blue-Green Systems (2617-4782)
  • H2Open Journal (2616-6518)
  • Hydrology Research (0029-1277; 2224-7955)
  • Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination (2220-1319; 2408-9370)

All VIVA institutions will also have read access to over 42,000 research articles, 78% of which are unavailable to non-participating institutions, in the following journals:

  • Aqua – 1998 to current
  • Blue-Green Systems – 2019 to current
  • H2Open Journal – 2018 to current
  • Hydrology Research – 1970 to current (previously Nordic Hydrology)
  • Journal of Hydroinformatics – 1999 to current
  • Journal of Water and Climate Change – 2010 to current
  • Journal of Water and Health – 2003 to current
  • Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development – 2011 to current
  • Water Policy – 1998 to current
  • Water Practice & Technology – 2006 to current
  • Water Quality Research Journal – 1966 to current (previous names include Proceedings - Canadian symposium on water pollution research, Proceedings. Annual Symposium on Water Pollution Research, Water Pollution Research in Canada, Water Pollution Research Journal of Canada, Water Quality Research Journal of Canada)
  • Water Reuse – 2011 to current (previously Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination)
  • Water Science & Technology – 1972 to current
  • Water Supply – 2001 to current

EFFECTIVE DATE:  January 1, 2023.

AUTHOR RESOURCES:  Author resources for publishing OA are available here:   IWA identifies authors by adding the institution email domain to their Right Management system Chronushub, and VIVA has provided a list of email domains.  If you would like to check what we have for you, please write to  There is no requirement for any additional administration on the part of the institution or researcher. 


Open Access/Editorial: Emma Buckingham,

Please send any questions to

Upcoming Civic Learning & Democracy Education Forum

The Civic Learning and Democracy Engagement (CLDE) Coalition -- of which SCHEV is a member -- is organizing a year-long series of planning and action forums on civic learning in higher education. Registration is now open. This is virtual and free to all registered participants. 

Bridging the Divides, Including All Students: Diversity, Equity, and High-Impact Civic Learning Pathways

  • February 6, 2023 -- 2:00-5:30 p.m.
  • February 7, 2023 -- 2:00-5:30 p.m.

Agenda: Coming soon
Visit for more information and the registration link. A PDF with additional information about the full series of events is available here.

Please consider attending individually or, even better, as part of a team of faculty/staff, students, community partners, and others who contribute to this work at/with your institution. The agenda includes sessions appropriate for assessment professionals, academic and career advisers, DEI educators, and more.  

Why should you take part?

These forums are designed to help institutions and policy partners create action plans that connect college civic learning with closely related policy priorities, including diversity/equity/inclusion; student success; high-impact practices; and problem-solving in “real-world” settings.   Many state systems, including SCHEV, are partnering with the Coalition, to make inclusive and high quality civic learning in college a widely shared priority. Through these forums, we can talk together about how state systems can assist campus-level work – and pitfalls to avoid. The forums explore ways to prepare students as capable change-makers, both within our diverse democracy and in working on public issues in the career fields they choose.   The forums also will present new research evidence showing how students gain from active civic learning—benefits that include increased completion as well as increased belonging and sense of social responsibility.

New Round of VIVA Open Course Grants

VIVA is pleased to announce the new round of VIVA Open Course Grants! For the first time, grants will be awarded in four categories, one of a number of exciting changes (detailed below) to the VIVA Open Grant programs. Those categories include: 

  • Content Creation Grants
  • Open Pedagogy Grants
  • Open Ancillary Grants
  • Large Scale Adoption Grants 

Each grant category has its own budget guidelines and timeline to completion. In addition to these changes, beginning in spring of 2023, VIVA can support the publication work for content creation projects, including providing copyediting, book design, platform, and illustration services for awarded projects. More information about VIVA Open Course Grants can be found at

Applications for VIVA Open Course Grants are due March 6, 2023, and are available on the VIVA website here:

Changes to the VIVA Open Grant Program, the result of generous funding from SCHEV and the Virginia General Assembly, expand grant opportunities and associated publication services. In addition to the VIVA Open Course Grants, there are three additional grant types that VIVA can now support: VIVA Open Adopt Grants, VIVA Open Grants for Libraries (launching next fiscal year) and VIVA Open Publishing Projects. Taken together, the expanded scope of the VIVA Open Grants will extend the reach of open and affordable course content in Virginia, support faculty in their efforts to provide open and no-cost resources to their students, and directly contribute to leveling the academic playing field for Virginia students by providing high-quality no-cost curricular resources. More information about the changes to the program can be found at


To learn more about the changes to the VIVA Open Grant program and to get a detailed look at the application process for Open Course Grants, please register and join VIVA for a webinar at one of the following times: 

 As always, questions are welcome at

VIVA Open Skills Academy: Building Your OER Practice

Registration is open for the VIVA Open Skills Academy: Building Your OER Practice. The VIVA Open Skills Academy, facilitated by Megan Simmons, ISKME, is a project-based, three-part webinar series that builds on the foundational skills and practices of collaborating to curate, evaluate, create, and share Open Educational Resources (OER) to further develop projects to advance OER.

Participants are expected to attend all three sessions and complete approximately five hours of practice activities to find, curate, publish, and share their OER project. Those who complete their projects will receive a Certificate of Completion. More details including dates and the link to the registration form can be found on this webpage:

The Academy is open to Virginia higher education professionals, including faculty, educational technologists, library professionals, and administrators. Registration is open until noon on January 18, 2023 and registrants will be notified of their acceptance into the VIVA Open Skills Academy by January 20, 2023. Please share this announcement far and wide on your campuses.



Faculty Open Course Grants from VIVA

Dear Colleagues,

VIVA, Virginia’s Academic Library Consortium, is offering $2,000 - $30,000 grant awards to adopt, adapt, or create open, library, or no cost resources and pilot them in a course by spring, 2025. Faculty members at any VIVA institution, full or part-time, may apply. Proposals may involve one person or teams that include: teaching faculty, librarians, instructional designers, subject matter experts, editors, graphic designers, or others as needed. Multi-institutional teams are particularly encouraged.

Recently, LTC Karen Bliss in Applied Mathematics was awarded $12,000 to create an Interactive Differential Equations Text with an Emphasis on Modeling Applications!

More information, including the full Request for Proposals and application instructions are available at  A list of past grant recipients can also be found on that page. Webinars will be held at the following times, and will include a general introduction to the grants, the application process, and a Q&A:

Kind regards,


Store Sensitive Research Data for Free!

In collaboration with multiple schools across Virginia, the University of Virginia is launching ACCORD (Assuring Controls Compliance of Research Data). ACCORD is a free web-based platform which allows researchers from different colleges and universities to analyze and store their sensitive data in a central location. Currently, ACCORD is appropriate for de-identified PII (personally identifiable information), FERPA, and other types of de-identified sensitive data. The use of ACCORD has been vetted by VMI Department of Information Technology and VMI has formally signed a membership agreement with ACCORD  For more information, please visit or Contact Liz Kocevar-Weidinger at .

Wiley Open Access Publishing Opportunities

Effective January 1, 2022:

VIVA and Wiley have partnered to develop an expansion of the previous read and publish agreement that was in place through much of 2020 but which needed to be discontinued due to the pandemic.  Corresponding authors at the participating institutions will be able to publish journal articles at no fee from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024, so long as annual central funds are available.  In 2022, funds are expected to cover around 70% of total publication, in 2023 80%, and in 2024 90%.  Authors with research grant funding will be expected to use that funding so that the central funds go further, but they will also be eligible for the VIVA APC discount.  A special allocation process will ensure that ALL publication in fully gold open access journals is prioritized and funded, with the remainder going toward hybrid open access publishing.  Contact Liz Kocevar-Weidinger at if you have questions.


ACM Open Access Publishing Opportunities

September, 2021 

VIVA and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) have partnered to develop                            a new, consortial read and publish agreement that is related to but not specifically derived from their ACM OPEN model.  Corresponding authors at the participating institutions will be able to publish articles (ACM journals) at no fee (the agreement does not include books or book chapters) beginning October 1, 2021, and the agreement runs through December 2024.  Authors will be able to retain the copyright in their articles and can select to publish using a Creative Commons license.   


The full agreement has been posted on the contracts page (; if you are in the VIVA community and need the password, please write to

INSTITUTIONS AFFECTED: All public institutions, as well as the participating private institutions (Hampton, Liberty, Marymount, Regent, U of Richmond, and Washington and Lee).

VIVA Open (OER) Adopt Grants - Applications Due October 4

VMI Colleagues,

VIVA is pleased to announce a new round of VIVA Open Adopt Grants opening today, with a deadline of October 4, 2021. VIVA Open Adopt Grants provide awards of $2,000 to individual instructors to support the time it takes to integrate existing open or no-cost materials into a syllabus, and to ensure that the results of those efforts are widely available to Virginia educators. Though united in purpose with VIVA’s Open Course Grant program, VIVA Open Adopt Grants have a simplified application process, a pre-determined award amount, and will be awarded to individual faculty members hoping to adopt an already existing resource.  Team and departmental adoptions, as well as projects seeking to adapt or create new Open Educational Resources, should apply for the next round of the larger scale VIVA Open Course grants. The VIVA Open Adopt Grant RFP and application can be found on the VIVA website. Applications are due October 4, 2021. 

An Informational webinar will be held on the date below. Registration is required. More information is available on VIVA’s website

Questions can be sent to